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IN PRODUCTION—Nick Cave film

We are incredibly excited to have started production on a feature documentary about the extraordinary, unclassifiable artist Nick Cave. Adding to our excitement is that we get to partner on the project with another great artist, our friend Sandro Miller. Check out the demo—and, if you’re feeling flush, help support the film!—here.

IN PRODUCTION—Illinois Justice

We are heading to the finish line on Illinois Justice, our PBS doc about John Paul Stevens and the Illinois Supreme Court scandal of 1969. An overlooked chapter in the long and glorious history of corruption in our fair state, the story was front-page news throughout that summer in Chicago, on par with Chappaquiddick, the first-place Cubs, and even the moon landing. What makes it such fascinating history, though, is the role it played in the career of the future Justice Stevens. Find out more when the show airs this fall!

Restoring Justice Premiere

Episode 3 of the School Project premiered before a packed house at North Lawndale College Prep on March 5. The segment, produced by our partners at Free Spirit Media, explored the impact of zero tolerance school discipline policies, and the growing shift toward more youth-centered, restorative justice practices. Coming up later this month: the premiere of Episode 4, on the controversial issue of high stakes testing.


We are about to start production on The Road Up, a documentary film featuring an amazing Chicago organization called The Cara Program. The film will focus on men and women who, through a combination of bad luck and bad choices, have hit rock bottom, and are now determined to transform their lives. We’ve have been blown away by the resilience of the folks we’ve met so far, and honored by their willingness to share their often harrowing stories.

LTAB Season!

Spring (okay, winter…) means the start of LTAB season, in Chicago and now eight other cities around the U.S. and Canada (shout outs to Omaha, Tulsa, D.C., Detroit/MI, Boston/MA, Cincinnati, Kansas City, & Hamilton Ontario), with more to come. YCA, the hearts and brains behind LTAB, kicked things off with a big 15th anniversary bash that featured Alfre Woodard, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, and Alec Baldwin, who rapped Carl Sandburg’s “Chicago” accompanied by a beat-boxing Chance the Rapper.

Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich

If you’re in L.A. in March, check out the exhibit at the Fahey/Klein Gallery by our friend and partner on the Nick Cave documentary, Sandro Miller. Sandro’s photographic homage to the iconic images of the last century features John Malkovich as Muhammad Ali, John Malkovich as Marilyn Monroe, John Malkovich as Diane Arbus’s twins…well, you get the idea. We’ve been chronicling the behind-the-scenes process of this fascinating collaboration, which went viral when the photos were unveiled last fall.